COVID-19 Library

GCP Europe members are facing the COVID 19 situation at national level. Below there is a list of public documentation provided by our national associations. Of course, each country will have their own formal policies and will be promulgating advice and guidance to their entire population. These always prevail and any other document, whether from the industry or any other source, must always be seen in that light. The views and opinions contained in the documents listed on this page belong solely to their authors and are not to be considered as recommendations from GCP Europe.


Austria - B.S.H.L. & VTGA

Instructions for handling construction sites due to COVID-19 -

Austrian Position paper on the COVID-19 crisis: Statement on the current legal issues of the Association of technical building contractors – document in German (annex_4 below)


Belgium - Techlink


Germany – BTGA

Guide on Operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems under the conditions of the current Covid 19 pandemic (annex_1 below)

Statement of the Ministry of Building Construction and Town and Country planning regarding „force majeure risk“ (höhere Gewalt) (annex_2 below)

Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning Technical supervision leading level of the countries regarding Building contracts issues (annex_3 below)

Overview on the Role of Relative Humidity in Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Indoor Environments (annex_5 below)

Operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems under the boundary conditions of the current Covid-19 pandemic (annex_6 below)


Germany - ZVSHK


Luxembourg - FDA


Norway- Rørentreprenørene Norge 

Industry standard regarding infection prevention: 


Spain - CONAIF 


Switzerland – Suissetec






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annex_4_positionspapier_covid-19_05.2020.pdf (667.45 KB)Download
annex_5_aaqr-20-06-covid-0302.pdf (714.82 KB)Download
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