Common value chain statement on a green & digital energy transition

On 2 February 2023, representatives of EuropeOn, Eurelectric, European Electrical Wholesalers, European Heat Pump Association, GCP Europe and SolarPower Europe met for a “Value Chain Dialogue” to discuss how our sectors can contribute to the green and digital transition and address the priority challenges to its implementation.

the participants of the Value Chain Dialogue:

  • Call on the European Year of Skills to centre on the labour and skills needed to implement the energy transition, with a focus on technical careers in manufacturing and installation, including in view of improving the attractiveness of related jobs for youth and women. We are at the Commission’s disposal to contribute to related initiatives.
  • Urge EU negotiators on the Fit for 55 Package (especially on RED/EED/EPBD) to ensure that Member States carry out a periodic gap assessment between available and needed installation professionals, as supported by the Parliament at the 13 July 2022 plenary. Additionally, an estimate of the investment needs to bridge such gaps would help governments to plan ahead.
  • Call on the European Commission to develop an agenda of targeted cooperation with EU neighbouring states for skilled labour movement and integration, in bi- or multilateral international agreements.
  • Commit to investigating together partnerships, including in the form of EU-funded projects, to attract and qualitatively train workers.
  • Commit to meeting again, possibly with more stakeholders, to exchange insights on megatrends in our respective segments, as a way to prepare for their deployment well in advance, in particular with regard to necessary educational and training reforms; and to explore the topic of productivity in more detail.

View the whole statement here.