Who we are

Who we are

GCP Europe is the voice of the efficient building engineering services. GCP Europe represents and promotes the interests of the Building Services Engineering Sector: plumbing and HVAC at the European Union level, paving the way for policies conducive to a stable business environment in which its members operate.

GCP Europe counts 16 member associations in 13 countries. It took on its new name in 2014 – it was formerly known as Genie Climatique Internationale – Union Internationale de la Couverture et de la Plomberie; GCI-UICP.

People spend about 90 % of a day in buildings. Indoor climate and water supply therefore belong to the main features determining indoor comfort. On the other hand, more than 40 % of the final energy consumption in Europe is used for heating needs of buildings and for domestic hot water production. Hence, technical building systems have become a priority area to reduce the use of traditional energy sources.


Our goals

  • To inform the members about relevant European developments

  • To provide an entry point for influencing the content of European legislation

  • To provide a platform for the members to exchange best practices, knowledge and technical standards in order to better confront common problems


Our members’ activities

The diversity of our members activities covers the width of:

  • Installing, planning, and maintain heating, ventilation, air condition and plumbing systems in buildings (a multi-service approach);
  • Advise on system integrating and innovative smart controls;
  • Regular inspections, energy auditing/assessment (in the framework of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive);
  • Advise about energy efficiency/performance to real estate investors and end-users;
  • Advice on renewable energy systems such as solar thermal, heat pump, biomass heating, fuel cell, power-heat coupling and photovoltaic systems, and their installing, planning, and maintenance;
  • Performance contracting.


Our Working Groups

Delegates within GCP Europe periodically come together in two Working Groups that are driven by need from the member associations:

  • Policy area Energy
  • Policy area Building Information Modelling (BIM)


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