GCP Europe and EuropeOn held a joint Workshop on Business opportunities since Covid in December


GCP Europe and EuropeOn hold a joint Workshop on Business opportunities since Covid: triggering a green recovery in the mechanical and electrical trades on 17 December 2020. This event was organised around two sessions:

  • A discussion with Pau Garcia Audí, Policy Officer at the Commission’s Directorate for Energy (DG ENER), on the Renovation Wave and the business opportunities it can bring.
  • A Joint workshop between EuropeOn & GCP Europe.


Please find below the agenda as well as the following presentations shown during the workshop:

  • Presentation of the Renovation Wave Initiative and its potential for recovery and business opportunities by Pau Garcia Audí, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Energy Efficiency, European Commission
  • Presentation of the EuropeOn study on “Business opportunities since Covid for the Electrical contracting sector” by Martin Bailey, Value Chain Working Group Chairman, EuropeOn
  • Presentation on the role of HVAC to mitigate COVID-19 by Nathan Wood, Indoor Environmental Quality Taskforce Chairman, GCP Europe
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