GCP Europe launches the Indoor Environmental Quality Task Force


GCP Europe has recently established its Indoor Environmental Quality Task Force and elected Nathan Wood from BESA UK as a Chair of the Task Force!

Nathan is already Chairman of the BESA Well-being in Buildings group, with a wealth of knowledge across the building engineering sector. This BESA Committee is collaborating and delivering an essential insight for Building Safe Havens, specifically on Indoor Air Quality.

Due to the many implications this has in the daily life of citizens, GCP Europe identified the need for creating an ad-hoc Task Force on IEQ. Further considering the European Commission’ new Green Deal, a healthier indoor environmental quality has to be recognized as one of the main objectives when tackling policies on buildings such as the renovation wave, the energy performance of buildings and reducing emissions.

GCP Europe members are looking forward to working together on IEQ in cooperation with EU Institutions, European Associations and all the relevant stakeholders to include the mechanical installers’ perspective and expertise in this topic.