GCP Europe Luxembourgish Member merges with other installers’ associations to create the Federation of Technical Engineering

GCP Europe Luxembourgish Member (FIESC) has recently merged with other two professional associations representing the technical engineering professions APEL and FDI, and created one association called FGT (Federation du Genie Technique) - Federation of Technical Engineering. FGT now represents companies in the fields of electrical technology, heating and sanitation and information and has become one of the largest federations of the craft sector. More detailed sectors represented by the new association are:

  • Electricains;
  • Heating-Sanitary-Refrigeration Installers;
  • Electronic Equipment Installers;
  • Installers of Alarm and Security Systems;
  • Contractors of Thermal, Acoustic and Sealing Insulations;
  • Heating engineers;
  • Luminous Sign Installers;
  • Recyclers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment;
  • Chimney sweepers - Roof cleaners;
  • Winders;
  • Repairers of domestic machines, games and automatons;
  • Installers of fireplaces and stoves in earthenware;
  • Office machine technicians.

More information about FGT is available in the website: www.fgt.lu. Here the Press Release on the new association and two leaflets.

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