GCP Europe Position Paper on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


GCP Europe welcomes the overdue recognition by policy makers given to long-term strategies for renovations of new and existing building stock. We broadly agree with the main goals of both the existing and proposed revision of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), and yet ascertains that certain requirements can be improved and compliance enhanced.


To make this revision a success, we call on European and national policy makers to consider the following points:


1.            Make inspections mandatory as a main tool for achieving the goals of the EPBD, rather than providing scope for merely voluntary and hence potentially ineffective alternatives.


2.            Revise the proposed thresholds for inspecting heating systems in both residential and non-residential buildings – at present, these thresholds are too vaguely formulated to be workable and cover only a negligible part of the building stock.


3.            Ensure better enforcement of any inspection-related requirements as stipulated in Articles 14 and 15 to safeguard the overall goals and effectiveness of the EPBD.




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