GCP Europe welcomes a new Board

On 7 October 2021, Eamon McGrattan (MEBSCA) was elected President of GCP Europe on the occasion of our General Assembly. Troels Blicher Danielsen (TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne) also joined the board as Vice-President, whereas Bernhard Dürheimer (BTGA) and Karl-Walter Schuster (BTGA) stepped out. Johan Lindström (Plåt & Ventföretagen) remains in the board together with Ana Maria Garcia Gasco (CONAIF), Adolf Lauber (VTGA), Soren Schmidt (TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne) and Brendan Duffy (MEBSCA).

After thanking Johan Lindström for his great achievements as President for the past 2 years, Mr. McGrattan explained why it is that important to him to be involved in a business trade association: “To understand what technology or policy is developing, what signals there are from the market and what way I need to consider re-pivoting our business to remain sustainable and resilient.