GCP Europe welcomes the publication of the Smart Readiness Indicator

As building professionals installing smart building technologies, we warmly welcome the publication of the acts establishing the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in the Official Journal. We believe this common European Union scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings will be an essential tool in helping raise awareness amongst consumers about the availability and importance of smart building services.

This indicator will help provide consumers with information on the readiness of the building to adapt to the needs of the occupant, to the grid and information to facilitate the maintenance and operation of the building.

While we believe this tool will provide a great benefit for consumers, we regret the missed opportunity of developing a binding and harmonised scheme for the entire European Union. In its current form, the SRI implementation format provides too much flexibility to adapt the calculation methodology to the national conditions. While a certain degree of flexibility is necessary and desirable, GCP Europe advocated for a harmonised tool in order to support its acceptance amongst consumers and minimise market uncertainties.

Our industry remains committed to help promote the use of the SRI in Europe and we look forward to continuing cooperating with the relevant authorities to help ensure its success.