Successful Installers’ Summit 2019 in Switzerland!

On 17 -18 October, the Installers’ Summit 2019 - GCP Europe’s and AIE’s (European Association representing electrical contractors) annual joint event - took place in Montreux, Switzerland. This event was hosted by the 2 Swiss associations members of GCP Europe (Suissetec) and AIE ( This event was a huge success for both associations and installers across the EU, with around 100 participants, several strategic meetings and workshops, and an exciting conference line-up.

The annual conference covered a range of topics relevant for both the mechanical and electrical installers: Energy and Climate objectives in Swiss policy; sharing solar energy: the self-consumption communities of Switzerland; a new energy ecosystem within clean energy, decentralised technologies; future of buildings; productivity challenges in the building sector; and solutions for higher productivity.

Moreover, a joint Workshop on skills was organised, where a representative from the Swiss government, and the representatives of the two Swiss associations presented and discussed in the panel: the educational system in Switzerland, in particular addressing VET (Vocational Educational Training); the importance of the Swiss model for apprentices and their positive impact for installers; and projects to attract young people to work in the sector.

The next edition of the Annual Conference will be in Brussels will take place in Montreux on 27 -28 October 2019. Here more on the 2019 Installers’ Summit: